Data Recovery

Vanmackay Computer Solutions offers data recovery services to help your recover your valued data.If your data is recoverable, we will recover it regardless of operating system or hard disk type or size. We offer all are customers a free evaluation with assessment and firm quote. Vanmackay Computer Solutions policy is no data recovered you don't pay a fee.

Devices Vanmackay Computer Solutions Support

  • All hard drive brands: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Maxtor, Fujitsu
  • We support all interfaces: SATA, SAS, IDE, SCSI
  • All memory card brands: SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, Sony, Verbatim, Duracell
  • All memory card types: SD Card, MMC, Mini & Micro SD, Compact Flash, XD, USB Thumb drives

The main reasons for data loss is due to physical damage, logical failure, or mechanical failure. when dealing with these issues Vanmackay Computer Solutions can provide technical assistance, propriety software, or partnered clean room facility.Contact us today for your free evaluation.