Product description

IPTV is a method of delivering live TV channels to your television without the need for a Cable or Satellite TV subscription. Subscriptions for IPTV are available at a fraction of the cost of standard TV subscriptions.Now not all channels are always available all the times so please if you are going to buy this service keep in mind that like all IPTV service there may be a little freezing in some channel some times but also has 1000s of PPV Movies and TV SHOWS.

IPTV service works on Roku 1,2,3 , ANDROID BOX, Fire TV, PC, MAC, and Smart TV. you can download the software to match your device of choice to watch it on

Once you have purchased a IPTV subscription please wait at least 24h so we can process your order and send you a EMAIL from Vanmackay Computer Solutions with your User Name and Password after you have received our mail with your USER NAME and PASSWORD you can now login to the software that you have download from below.

Below is the software for IPTV Online Live TV with over 1000 channel and 100s of Movies online as the video on top shows you all you have to do is pick the software that will work on your device if you are using Android device please download and install the software that says for Android or if you are using a PC please download the Windows software and so on ... It very easy to use compared to Kodi all you do is download and install the software and then start it up and i will ask you to SIGN IN enter a user name and password and click on SIGN IN done ! ORDER NOW



  • Works On: Roku 1,2,3 , Android, FireTV, PC, MAC, Smart TV
  • Pay Monthly or Yearly
  • Live TV,
  • VOD Video on Demand
  • 1000's of Channels
  • 720P / 1080P/ 4K