WiiU Soft Mod Service

Vanmackay Computer Solutions offers Nintendo WiiU Soft Mod service which allows the end user to Play Homebrew,Backups and Imported games without voiding the warranty. The only things needed for this service is your WiiU console, SD card 8GB at least, and an external if you would like to play backups of an external harddrive. WiiU soft mod is the same as the Wii and resides on VWii on your Wiiu system.

Benefits of Soft Modding Your WiiU

  • •Installation of the homebrew channel to play emulators of old game consoles (ie. Nintendo, Sega etc). Works on all WiiU system versions using the Wii Mode.
  • •Loadiine installation for playing WiiU games from SD card [Compatible up to 5.4.0 only]

If your interested in this service Vanmackay Computer Solutions recommends having your firmware version handy to give you options if you want to stay at 5.4.0 to play WiiU backups.